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Lessons Tailored for All Students Needs 
Music Lessons by Lana's Piano Studio in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.
  Teaching Style    

Every student is different and guiding them down a customized path that encourages creative and independent learning requires a wide variety of skills, music, resources and experience which Lana possess.  Her study combines theory, technique, and performance that gives the student a basic understanding of music from the beginning through advanced levels. The lesson is presented so skillfully that the student can't wait for the next lesson.


Lana only teaches serious students, students that practice regularly.  Students who

want to participate in concert recitals and learn to entertain family and friends.   

She always tailors her music choices to the preferences of her students with her guidance.

Grand Piano Lessons from Lana's Piano Studio. Music Lessons in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.

Lana has a private home studio equipped with a grand piano and a digital piano

in Delray Beach, FL.


She only teaches in her home studio in Delray Beach or online via Skype.


Lana is a member of Music Teachers National Association,

Florida State Music Teachers Association and

Palm Beach County Music Teachers Association. 

Lana is a member of the Music Teachers National Association. Providing Piano music lessons in Delray Beach.
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