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Robert  -  May 11, 2022

Undoubtedly the Fur Elise of piano teachers! This is the second teacher for my little one and just after the first lesson, the difference in Lana’s style of teaching when compared to the previous teacher was quite apparent. The professionalism and the ability Lana consistently exhibits to conjure the personal motivation out of my little one to excel in piano is simply amazing. We have been taking lessons from her for over a year now and my daughter has made strides in reading sheet music, playing steadily, and being more comfortable playing in front of others. When friends and relatives come over they have noticed a difference in her play and have asked what we have done differently. The first time someone asked, my daughter replied “Lana” and I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I was not expecting her to even respond. Lana is an exceptional piano teacher whose love for music is infectious and I would highly recommend.

Beth  -  March 9, 2022

Great teacher! Ms. Lana has been our piano instructor for the last 12 years teaching both of my daughters and their expertise is a testament to her teaching ability. Over 12 years, they have learned to read and play very complicated pieces all the while enjoying her lessons and her company. After each lesson, she grades the students performance and gives a very brief report to the parents on how the student is progressing. She encourages parental involvement and genuinely cares for the entire family.Ms. Lana is a pleasure to have as a teacher and a very positive educator for youngsters. I have recommended her to many of my neighbors and she is in high demand.

Sarah  -  February 21, 2022  

Lana is a truly gifted teacher. She started teaching our daughter when she was 6 (now turning 8). Her progress has been exceptional and she absolutely loves her lessons.Mrs. Lana is patient and kind and never gets frustrated.. She always makes the lesson positive, upbeat, fun, and productive. Our daughter can tend to get frustrated when pieces get harder and Lana knows just when to pull back to a more fun, easier song, and when to push through and get amazing results. She is truly something special.

Marie   -  December 26, 2021

I began taking lessons from Lana in October 2016 after 50 years of being away from the piano.  Who would have thought that learning to play again in my retirement years would bring such joy!  I am learning to play classical, popular, holiday classics and looking forward to learning blues and jazz!  My THANKS toMrs. Lana, who is very knowledgeable and patient teacher, as well  as an accomplished and gifted musician.  She knows how to make learning fun.

Barb  -   October 16, 2021

I just started piano lessons in January 2017 with Mrs. Lana just because I have,always wanted to play. Being of the "older" crowd I started not knowing ANYTHING!! Lana is super patient, funny and truly a wonderful teacher. I already play songs people know!! I would recommend her to anyone!! Thanks Lana, I appreciate all u have taught me so far!!  

Gigi  -  August 5, 2021

I'm a first time piano student at a ripe golden age that thought I wouldn't have to learn to read notes...haha! I was apprehensive about taking piano lessons at this stage of life. Lana is the best...she is patient, challenging, supportive, and makes learning fun. She starts you off with songs you enjoy playing and builds to a variety. I've only been playing for a short time and I already have a great mix of popular songs and now moving into classical. She even made learning notes fun with an app she found. You learn and play at your own pace. I've seen her interact with young and old and am impressed with her aptitude of working with each person at their unique skill level. I love learning piano from Lana and I would recommend her to people and children of all ages.


Mary  -  June 22, 2021

I have 4 sons aged 21 to 12. They have all taken piano over the years from multiple teachers. Ms. Lana is the best teacher we have ever had by far. She is warm, caring, knowledgeable and organized. She sets high yet achievable expectations for her students. I have been amazed at the growth in my sons musicality and interest while taking lessons from Ms. Lana. I feel very fortunate that we found her!

Anastasia  - May 20, 2021

Ms. Lana is an amazing teacher. I have three children who take lessons from her ages 15, 12 and 11. We started using Lana because we didn't see much progression with our previous teacher. Since taken lessons with Mrs.Lana the kids have enjoyed their lessons and shown nice improvement. It is clear that she teaches for the love of teaching piano, it is not just about the money for her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously interested in learning piano.

Sakina  -  April 5, 2021

Ms. Lana is a truly amazing piano teacher. My son has been taking lessons with her for the last 2 years. She is a patient and encouraging teacher. She picks music that is both challenging and fun to play. I am very happy with his progress. So many friends and family have commented on how beautifully he plays. And what has impressed me most is the love of music she has helped instill in him. Piano is her passion and she has passed that same joy on to my son. He truly enjoys playing the piano and taking lessons. You can just tell she cares so much about her students and is personally invested in them. I give Ms. Lana my highest recommendation. She is wonderful!

Rowena  -  January 4, 2021

Lana is an amazing piano teacher! She started teaching our kids when they were very young until they graduated from eighth grade. They are in high school now and no longer take lessons, but they still sit down at the piano to play their repertoire and some new songs.Mrs. Lana is a professional; she was always prompt for lessons and was very flexible as the kids became busier with school activities and sports. This was important because there never was a point where my kids would have to choose between sports and piano. We loved Lana's patience with the kids, her positive attitude and passion for music and are most grateful for all the years she graced us to teach our kids a love for piano and music. Lana pushed the kids to perform at higher levels each year. It's still fun to see people's jaws drop when my hockey-playing son sits down at a piano and plays an amazingly difficult piece. Thank you, Mrs. Lana!

Dallas - August 8, 2021

My 10 years old son and I have been taking lessons from Ms. Lana for 7 months.  Her classes are challenging and fun which keeps us coming back for more.  Whether you prefer classical, jazz, or popular music, Ms. Lana has you covered and can help you get to the next level in your piano journey.  She taylors her teaching to each student's ability and musical interests to get the best out of them.

Lana teaching a student to play the Grand Piano in Delray Beach. Lana giving music lessons in Delray Beach and Boca Raton.
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